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NeuroVisual Trainer

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Effortless in-office and remote Vision Therapy.

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A Vision Therapy platform that works on any device.
Designed for in-office and remote Vision Therapy.

Extensive Exercise Library

Over 100 interactive and video exercises.

Customized Regimens

Tune and tweak exercises for each of your clients.

Realtime Reporting

Follow your clients' progress in real-time with powerful reporting.

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Try it for free. See what a better in-office and remote Vision Therapy platform can do for you!

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Our Exercise Library

All the exercises you need

Interactive Exercises
  • Binocular Reading
  • Static Reading
  • Window Reading
  • React
  • Directional Response
  • Perceptual Speed
  • Pong
  • Saccadic Arrows
  • Central-Peripheral
  • Visual Auditory Integration
  • Visual Memory
  • Sequential Recall
  • Tachistoscope
  • Randot Vergence (various)
Video Exercises
  • B.A.R
  • M.A.R
  • Chalkboard Racetracks
  • Bunting
  • Reaction Time
  • Ball Games (various)
  • Slap Tap
  • Flashlight Pointing
  • Mental Minus
  • Gaze Stabilization
  • Parquetry Blocks (various)
  • Look Hard Look Soft
  • and many more...

Are we missing something?
Contact us and we'll be happy to add new exercises for you - for free.


Well loved by VTODs and Vision Therapists around the world

Neurovisual Trainer has been very helpful over the last few months. I have used both the interactive exercises and the exercises demonstrated with videos to supplement my sessions with patients. Patients have found the system accessible, and report many of the exercises are fun to do. The NVT team has been great with my questions, and quick to help with any problems."
Donna L. Gavin, O.D. — Middletown, RI
I have been using NeuroVisual Trainer for the past few months with my active in-office VT patients. I have found most patients find it very easy to use, it keeps them engaged and doesn’t make homework seem like homework! What I find most useful about NVT is it’s great organization, videos and explanations for patients to use. I will continue using NVT for all VT patients."
O.D. — Toronto, ON
The aspect of NVT that we love the most is how easy it is to adjust treatment plans, view progress, and relate patient’s consistent use with the progress they are showing. My therapists love being able to upload a chart for printing, and feel the variety of activities is pretty comprehensive."
Dr. Mark Curtis, O.D. — Pleasant Grove, Utah
NVT has been a great interactive program that has allowed Vision Therapy to be completed at home or on the road! The variations available on NeuroVisual Trainer with exercises and videos have been very beneficial to keep clients engaged and continuously help them on the road to their recovery."
Vision Therapist — Kelowna, BC

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  • Fanatical support for you, your staff, and your clients
  • Staff accounts are free
  • 100+ exercises
  • Customized client home regimens
  • Client progress reports
  • Suggest new exercises or functionality
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