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About Us

We’re on a mission to help you help your clients.

Software should be like your vision - working in the background and allowing you to focus on what really matters.

NeuroVisual Trainer was created by VTOD’s, patients and therapists who wanted an easier way to work. There are five core principles that guide the program and development.

  1. Software as a tool, not stand-alone therapy.
    Vision Therapy is so much more than just computer based exercises.
  2. Works across platforms
    Never worry about Mac VS PC again. Do you have the internet? Then you have NeuroVisual Trainer!
  3. Flexible and adaptable
    Beyond just the ability to add your customized exercises, we also love your input on how we can improve the platform.
  4. Easy to use for patients, therapists and OD’s
    We want everyone to focus on their Vision Therapy, not the platform.
  5. By Optometry for Optometry
    Nobody gets results like a VTOD

We asked therapists, patients and VTODs about what they needed to love their platform. NeuroVisual Trainer was built and put through rigorous testing in the field to see what could be made better.

We tested it with OD’s, patients, therapists, software engineers, and even people who just plain hate computers. All of this input has helped create a vision therapy platform that we actually enjoy using. We hope that you’ll enjoy using it too, and help us continue to make it better.

Our Team

Cameron McCrodan

Dr Cameron McCrodan


Cam’s passion is finding solutions that challenge the status quo. His goal is to help more people discover vision therapy, and help more optometrists get involved. His background includes optometry, engineering, and language. He has a VT only clinic in BC and a lens prescribing clinic in NY. He’s a published author and you can see his TEDX talk here.

Patrick Hayes
Chief Technology Officer, VP Engineering

Patrick Hayes

Patrick has been building software for over 20 years. He spent a decade designing software for the peer-reviewed academic publishing industry before becoming interested in Vision Therapy.

Patrick nutures a passion for open-source software and continues to be a strong contributor various open-source libraries.

Chris Hawkins
Chief Operations Officer

Chris Hawkins

Chris has been working with and guiding success in startups for the past 12 years.

As a patient of Vision Therapy himself, Chris is devoted to putting next-level tools in the hands of optometrists for the benefit of patients everywhere and the industry at large.

Scott Machado
VP Customer Success

Scott Machado

Scott spent nearly 20 years providing world-class customer service for The Walt Disney Company and Royal Caribbean before finding his way to the world of eyes and vision; he spent several years as a technician in both vision therapy and retina clinics.

Scott lives with his wife (an award-winning vision therapist, herself) and daughter in Eugene, Oregon.


OcuDigital is verified HIPAA compliant by the Compliancy Group. They've verified that our organization has completed the Achieve, Illustrate, and Maintain process in its HIPAA compliance program to safeguard protected health information (PHI).

Need a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement? Contact us at info@ocudigital.com.


100% Renewable Energy

For hosting and infrastructure

We are committed to environmental stewardship. The servers that run NeuroVisual Trainer run on 100% renewable energy. We also help save trees by performing all our communications and billing electronically. No paper!

Because sustainability is a core value, we're continously looking for new ways to reduce our impact.