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April 2020 Update

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Patrick Hayes April 24, 2020


This launch during COViD-19 wasn’t the plan, but we wanted to be able to support you. Two of our testing sites offered to give their video libraries to the cause. So we pushed hard to make the NeuroVisual Trainer accessible to you during this time.

We started this program to support quality free space and in-office VT, but have found it helpful in doing remote VT where necessary. It has been years in the making and we want it to be able to work like your vision, automatically without extra effort.

We knew this meant launching with a couple of bugs, but we wanted you to get the benefits quickly. All of you have been super helpful through this process and we want to thank you.

Recent updates:

  • Improve colour calibration for better cancelling (found in calibrate menu)

  • Added support for Red/Green anaglyph glasses

  • Give the ability to upload printable PDF’s to your clinic (next to custom exercises)

  • Upload new videos including: VO Star; split wall chart; anaglyph figure 8; mazes, cheiroscopic tracing; chalkboard racetrack and Barrel card.

  • Reaction time was split into two activities. React and Directional response.

  • Significant improvements to Tachitoscope.

  • Sequential Recall has replaced Recognition.

  • Line Tracing has been updated.

  • Directional response can improve estimation and timing.

  • We now support Red/Green glasses as well.

We are currently working at fixing:

  • Errors within reading texts (some issues when they loaded).

  • Random times when patient regimen’s do not save.

  • ‘Invalid email’ response when inviting a patient or staff when email is valid.

  • Minor ghosting in the randot vergence exercises.

  • The stereo depth on Randot has some restrictions due to resolution. This will be addressed with a resolution upgrade (expected within 30 days).

  • If you had assigned Reaction Time you will need to re-assign the new activity. This bug has been fixed so that future updates will automatically carry over.

May 2020 Edit: All the above issues have been fixed!

Anything you upload to your platform is private to only your clinic. We are working on creating it so that you can share with each other, and so that the videos are all hosted internally. We are sure that the best feature ideas are sure to come from you, our community.

So please, dig into the program, use it, and together we can grow.