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December 2020 Update

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Patrick Hayes December 4, 2020


Over the last few months we've made a variety of improvements to NeuroVisual Trainer that we're excited to share with you.

New Exercises: Flat Vergence & Flat Jump Duction

We've launched a pair of new exercises. Flat Vergence and Flat Jump Duction are useful in cases where Random Dot vergence activites are too difficult. Features include:

  • Convergence and Divergence activities
  • A wide variety of targets (rings circles, squares, vectographs)
  • Various textures to help patients achieve fusion
  • Smoth movements of target to furthur help acheive fusion
  • Stereo vectographs, which can also be used for in-clinic discussion about depth
  • More customizable options such as fusion markers, central targets, or and bounded random jumps.

New Features

  • You can now export patient progress reports into external CSV or JSON files
  • More videos now come with descriptions
  • The Random Dot exercises now supports up to 10,000 arcseconds of depth
  • All reading exercises now support extra large font sizes
  • Full color anaglyph images for in-clinic discussions with the patient about depth. These can be found under "TOOLS".
  • Find a new printable McDonald card under Printable Sheets in “Tools” to help your patients develop peripheral awareness
  • Printable keys in for the Slap Tap exercises

Bug Fixes

  • Better overall iPad user experience
  • Improved keyboard experience on iPad
  • Added video for the Left-Right Constancy Video Exercise
  • Improved Tachistoscope instructions with the option to hide
  • There was a confusing answer in "The Red Cross" reading text, so we removed it for a clearer experience for your patients
  • More accurate levelling indicator in assigned exercises
  • Improved scoring accuracy in Motion Detection

Example Vectographs and Full Colour Images

Below is a small sample of our growing collection of vectograph and full-colour anaglyph images. The vectographs are designed for good cancellation and can be found in the Flat Vergence and Flat Jump Duction exercises. The full-colour anaglyph images are designed for developing patient interest in stereo vision and can be found under "TOOLS".